Friends of Kingsbury Water Park 

Here you can download 'Friends of Kingsbury Water Park' newsletters and unmarked walks 'off the beaten track'.

Any errors, omissions or directions that need clarifying or amending; please email us at  or use our
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Children take your family on a walk through the Water Park with our 'Children's Walks'.

These are in pdf format; if you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it from

Newsletters -

September:  Volume 1, Issue 1

December:   Volume 1, Issue 2

March:          Volume 2, Issue 1

June:            Volume 2, Issue 2
September:   Volume 2, Issue 3
December:    Volume 2, Issue 4

Volume 3, Issue 1
June:            Volume 3, Issue 2
September:  Volume 3, Issue 3

Volume 4, Issue 1
April:            Volume 4, Issue 2
July:             Volume 4, Issue 3

March:         Volume 5, Issue 1

September:  Volume 5, Issue 2

Walks -

Commemorative Garden Trail
Water Lily Walk
Middleton Lakes Circular Walk(Revised)

Children's walks -

Playgrounds Walk
Teepee Tour
Birding Walk

More walks are available from The Tame Wetlands site. Presently a walk around Kingsbury Water Park & Marston; another around Curdworth. They are hoping to have a walk around Shustoke in the near future. To download a copy click Here.

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Next Friends Meeting:
Wednesday, December 6th 2017
Meet at The Education Centre of the Water Park                                                            
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