Friends of Kingsbury Water Park 

The group’s aims are –

    1. To be the voice of park users. Promoting, lobbying, fund-raising, liaising, and negotiating on behalf of park users.

    2. To help manage, protect, and improve the park for the benefit of the flora, fauna, visitors, and park users.

    3. To promote, assist, and even instigate, activities within the park for the benefit of park users.


Mobile Changing Places Toilet    July 2015

The friends of Kingsbury Water Park hired a temporary Changing Places Toilet in the park from 13th July to 26th July 2015. It was located in the car park next to the Visitor Centre, accessed from
the main entrance, Bodymoor Heath Road, Sutton Coldfield B76  0DY. It was available during normal park opening hours. Radar Key operated.

 We are very grateful that Coventry Building Society has provided the funding for the hire of a temporary Changing Places Toilet this July while the Friends of Kingsbury Water continue to work with various partners to seek to establish a permanent Changing Places Toilet in KWP. You can support us by downloading and completing the petition on our website or signing a copy at the Visitor Centre the next time you visit. See Downloads Page.

 The installation of a permanent Changing Places Toilet is an important aspiration to create more access for those disabled people and their carers who need this specialist facility. This will enable more people to enjoy full access to the countryside and to country parks such as Kingsbury Water Park. For more information about Changing Places Toilets and where you can find one see

There was also a 'Wheels for All' free taster day (cycling for the disabled) on the 23rd July from 10 am to 3 pm.
Woodland Trust Trees - Planting in your community or school 2014/15

"Congratulations! Friends Of Kingsbury Water Park has been awarded a free Woodland Trust tree pack.
You requested: 105 trees Wild harvest"
The pack consists of :-
30 hazel
30 blackthorn
15 crab apple
15 dog rose
15 elder
Green Spaces Projects funding has agreed to give the Friends £600 towards the cost of installing the orchard (pruning equipment, stakes, guards etc...). 

Also the Water Park has been funded £5000 from Green Spaces Projects towards the creation of a Trim Trail through the Park.
Bee Event (Who Pollinates our Plants?) - October 2013

Bee keeper Bob sharing his knowledge with young park visitors at an event arranged by the Friends in October 2013.

Further Bee Events to be held; dates to be announced later. 
Bug Hotel - March 2014

On a very warm Sunday morning the Friends
gathered to construct a Bug Hotel (Bee & Bee);
and plant native wild flowers to encourage the
 little pollinators. The aforementioned little creatures thanked some of us by taking a few little nips ..... there's gratitude for you!! 

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Next Friends Meeting:
Wednesday, April 22nd 2020; 7 pm
Meet at The Education Centre of the Water Park                                                            
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